Criteria for the award of the "Blue Flag"

In order to receive the Blue Flag, a beach or marina must comply with strict criteria related to:

Environmental education and information, including: information about the coastal ecosystem and the natural environment in the area; public information on the quality of bathing waters, the Blue Flag Programme, on how to behave on site, activities that actively promote protection of the local natural environment, etc.

Quality of bathing water, including: sampling on a monthly basis to confirm “Excellent” water quality, waste water treatment, no discharge of industrial waste water on the beach, etc.

Safety and environmental management, including: regular cleaning, adequate waste bins, recycling, adequate sanitary facilities, safety personnel  (trained lifeguards) and/or first aid kit, services and facilities for disabled visitors, plans to address a pollution accident with immediate public information, etc.

For more information and a complete list of criteria visit the following files: Εδώ θα πρέπει να μπουν τρια διαφορετικά πεδίατ α οποία θα οδηγούν στα 3 pdf αρχείων των κριτηρίων (ακτές, μαρίνες, σκάφη).