Participation process - Applications

All hotels, hostels, small accommodations, campsites, holiday parks, conference centres, restaurants and tourist attractions worldwide can apply for the Green Key eco-label. Businesses that are interested in establishing sustainable practices and would like to receive the international Green Key eco-label may contact with the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, the national operator of the programme.

Evaluation / Award

In order to receive an award, a Green Key applicant has to go through an application process which consists of four parts:

  • Sending the application documents
  • Receiving the on-site audit
  • Receiving a certification for an award from an independent Third-party
  • Making an application for a renewal of the Green Key award (the award is only valid for 12 months).

The National Jury Committee is responsible for the evaluation of applications and decides on which the sites are to be considered for any awards.

The National Jury Committee comprises representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, the Association of Municipal Authorities, the related academic sectors, the Hellenic Association of Hoteliers, the Hellenic Association of Hotel Managers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) involved in tourism, and journalism.

Awarded sites

After a successful evaluation by the National Jury Committee the awarded units are displayed on the national ( and international website (

The awarded units have to:

  • Display the Green Key award in a prominent place.
  • Provide information material about Green Key and its environmental policy to their guests
  • Provide information about Green Key and its environmental policy on their website