Learning About Forests


This FEE international Programme started in Greece in 2001.  It goal is to encourage schools and teachers at all levels to include forests in their educational activities, providing them with the necessary tools and incentives to reach forests and learn from them.


The LEVENTIS FOUNDATION supports the Network and for this we thank them warmly.


The Programme started in 1996 at the primary and secondary school level in 15 European countries, and since then it has expanded continuously to other countries. In Greece it started in 2001 having received the approval of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (Ministerial decision, No. 223916/Γ7/ 30-12-2016). Schools of all educational levels have the opportunity to participate in the programme. Educational material is offered gratis for all the subject areas covered in the Programme. Any school interested in joining the programme should contact the HSPN.

In each participating school an Environmental Group is set up that plans and implements all activities in the forests and in places where forest products are used.

Students, under expert guidance, participate in tree planting activities executed during the appropriate season. At the end of the school year summer camps may be is held in a forest area.

In our country, 115 schools participated in 2016-2017 and 230 have been awarded since the commencement of the Network.


International coordinator: Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education)
The HSPN is the National Operator for Greece. It cooperates with the Primary Education of B’ Area of Athens.