Nature Without Garbage


The Programme was designed by the HSPN and started in 1996, initially with the help of a volunteer group. Its aim originally was the collection of waste, but it has since expanded to include awareness-raising of students, and through them of the public, about waste management issues and the need for a clean, tidy environment.


The Network is supported by ALPHA BANK. We warmly thank them.


The Network has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (Ministerial decision, No.  19864/Δ2/7-02-2017).

Schools of all educational levels have the opportunity to participate. Educational material is offered for all the subject areas of the Network.

Today the idea of ​​"Nature without Garbage" is spreading all over Greece. 61 voluntary Groups participated in 2016-2017 and 184 voluntary groups have been awarded prizes since the initiation of the Programme.

The features of programme are volunteerism, its aim to raise awareness of nature and of the environment, and the spirit of cooperation it seeks among volunteers, schools, local authorities and the local communities.

Today this programme has spread throughout the country and 184 schools participate.

The HSPN and the Alpha Bank, the sponsors of the programme, call on all municipalities and local authorities to use the opportunity given by the programme to support volunteer groups in their attempts to free natural areas from the scourge of garbage and to help them sensitize people to this need.  

In the programme the role of young people will be particularly significant. As they are made more sensitive to all the problems they will encounter, they should become more actively involved in pursuing the goals of the programme.

Volunteer groups will receive brochures and other printed material, and will be able to choose from a variety of activities they might like to pursue:

  • the adoption, research and protection of some small area or small wood
  • the presentation of some relevant theatrical production for schools and the local community
  • research to determine how much citizens are in fact aware of and sensitive to the question of garbage through the use of a questionnaire 
  • research into and an estimate of the degree the city is “clean” by soliciting answers from inhabitants
  • creating and artistic construction from recycled materials
  • preparing of a message or an attractive slogan about the subject of the programme

Awards and citations will be given to those groups which come up with inventive ideas for the sensitizing of local communities


The HSPN coordinates the Programme in cooperation with the Direction of Primary Education of Western Attica.