Young Reporters for the Environment


The network is part of an international Programme, and started in Greece in 1993. It is addressed to secondary level students.Groups of students, in collaboration with other schools that participate internationally in the Programme, address various common environmental problems as journalists, and using the Internet as a communication tool.


Hellenic Industry of Aluminium has supported the Network during the year 2016-2017 and we thank them warmly.


This FEE international Program began in Greece in 1993 for Secondary Education schools. Students work as reporters in a virtual News Agency that deals with environmental issues and problems (energy, water, waste, cities, coasts, agriculture). It has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (Ministerial Decision No. 7816/Δ2/17-01-2017.  Educational material is provided for all subject areas of the Network.

39 schools participated in the network in 2016-2017

The local dimension:

Students in the role of journalists, and under the guidance of their teachers,  investigate some local environmental issue and inform the local community about the results of their research through conferences, meetings, and articles they publish in the Press.

The international dimension:

Each participating school belongs to a research group of two to five schools from different countries, which studies a common environmental problem, using the Internet. Together the students write articles on the problem, and the best articles are published in the spring. In addition some students from each team take part in an international research excursion, during which they study an important environmental issue and later publish their report.

Each year, schools are awarded according to the quality of their articles and the excellence of their photographs by the International Committee of the Network and HSPN.


The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is the International Coordinator.
The HSPN is the National Operator for Greece. It cooperates with the Greek Direction of Secondary Education of Αchaea/Peloponese.