About Environmental Education

Environmental awareness raising and education is absolutely necessary today to ensure the quality of our life and that of future generations.

Each Programme is addressed to a specific group (according to their age, place of residence, and interests). All the various topics which may be targeted (such as energy, waste, water, agriculture, sustainable development, coasts, transport etc.) have their own intrinsic interest and value.

Threats to the environment are common in many areas of our country as well as in other countries. Therefore, in order to address them effectively it can be extremely useful to exchange information and experiences.

This leads to the creation of Networks for Environmental Education, in which, with the help of modern communication tools like the Internet, the experiences of many people can easily be communicated.

The HSPN has been active since very early on in environmental education. Already in 1951, well before the term was even officially coined, the HSPN produced and distributed to all Greek schools educational material on nature and conservation issues. Later, it became a member of the international networks of FEE, and thus part of a worldwide family with millions of students and tens of thousands of teachers. It also has established its own national educational networks.

Currently it is the national operator for three International Programmes implemented by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE):

  1. Eco Schools
  2. Young Reporters for the Environment
  3. Learning About Forests

It also operates two national Programmes:

  1. Nature Without Garbage
  2. Green Corners of My Neighbourhood

To participate in the Networks, any interested schools may communicate with the Secretariat of HSPN. 210 3224944, int. 104.